Ooze Dab Tools make handling sticky concentrates an easier process. Each tool is made of surgical stainless steel and has a non-stick silicone tip on either end, which can also be removed.

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There are all sorts of dab tools out there, from metal, to ceramic, to silicone, that it can be hard to choose the one that best fits your needs. We created a dab tool that combines all the best parts of some of our favorite dab tools for a multi-use dabber with non-stick tips. The actual dab tool is made of surgical grade stainless steel, so you know it’s super durable and safe to use around your hot bangers, dab rigs, and concentrates. Both ends of the tool have a platinum-cured silicone tip that provides a non-stick barrier. These tips can also be easily removed. One end of the tool has a pointed end, and the opposite end has a scoop. This allows you to expertly handle multiple forms of concentrates that can be tricky to maneuver.

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