1 x Mystica VV Device
1 x Black Flat Tip 0.8mL Oil Cart (See options)
2 x Magnetic Adapter Ring (1 Pre-installed)
1 x USB Charging Cable

> LED Power Light Indicator (Green 3.4V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.0V)
> Weight: 1.2 Oz (Battery only)
> 5 Clicks Lock/Unlocks Device, 3 Clicks Adjust Voltage Output, 2 Clicks for Preheat
> 0.8mL Black Flat Tip Oil Cartridge Included
> User-friendly Single Button Control

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The Airistech Mystica VV the follow up to the original Mystica device from Airis. The upgraded Mystica VV features variable output voltage for full control over the quality of your aroma. It also features a preheat mode that will help to warm up the attachment before use to prevent clogging.

Measuring in around 2.5" tall by just over 1 inch wide, the Mystica VV device features a similar size body as the original that makes it perfect for discreet use while on the go.

Airistech includes (see options) a removable and refillable attachment for thin oils that can hold up to 0.8mL of oil at a time. This cartridge features a leak-proof structure and it utilizes the convenient magnetic adapter ring connector for a strong and reliable connection between element and battery.

The Mystica VV’s internal battery has been optimized to match most similar elements currently on the market. If you have your own pre-filled aroma attachments, this device can be matched with most 510 threaded attachments that measure up to10.5mm in diameter. Simply remove the magnetic adapter from the included attachment, thread in onto the base of your cartridge and drop it into the Mystica’s housing.

To begin using the Mystica VV device you will first need to unlock/power on the device by quickly pressing the power button five time. From here you can either begin the innovative pre-heat function by pressing the power button two more time or you can adjust the Mystica’s voltage level by pressing the power button three times. When changing the voltage level the LED light indicator will shine one of three colors to signify the output level (Green 3.4V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.0V.)

After selecting the ideal voltage level you have the option again to begin the pre heating process. After press the power button 2 times quickly the Mystica VV will apply a slight amount of heat to your attachment for up to 15 seconds in order to ensure all of your oil makes its may down to the heating element to ensure every last bit goes to use. After pre heating you will then simply press and hold the power button to heat your oils as normal.

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